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Hi there! Welcome to my book blog! Check out the pages for book reviews over a variety of genres, book lists, and basically anything for an overall book geek like me! Enjoy your time here with a fellow book bonkers person!

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Where the Crawdads Sing (Delia Owens)

This was a pretty new genre: Mystery. Apart from classic Nancy Drew mysteries, I hardly ventured here much. so I was excited to see what Where the Crawdads Sing had in store for me!

This book is also labelled a “bildungsroman”.

Don’t worry, I had the same visceral reaction to that word. Yes, I know you are trying to pronounce it in your head and scrunching your face at it in confusion.

I know that bi means 2, dung means faeces and roman is roman so…

Paper Towns (John Green)

My first John Green book! I had been hearing about Green from countless platforms and friends as well, them proclaiming that he was one of the kings of YA and that The Fault in Our Stars was epic. I am also a follower to his Vlogbrothers channel and one who devours crash course after crash course before every exam…

Ember Queen (Laura Sebastian)

Ember Queen was shattering. Sebastian did an amazing job of portraying Theo. Especially her struggles as a Queen. The insanely difficult choice of putting your country first before a loved one, watching and bearing the burden of so many people’s death that you caused, all because there is only a small hope of success in the end…

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