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Just Some Bibliophilic Things #3 + The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

Hello bibliophiles! I hope that this week has been treating you well… any recent favs? As for me, I just went on a big book haul and picked up a lot of books bloggers have been repeatedly reminding me to read! Should I do a post on it?

Anyway, today I bring you another Just Some Bibliophilic Things Answer as well as my nomination of The Black Cat Blue Sea Award!

Without further ado, let’s jump into the question of the week for JSBT, hosted by Riddhi from Whispering Stories! Click here to see her answer for the week and here to learn more about it. (I’m sorry that I’m a day late but better late than never!)

The Wicked King (Holly Black) [The Folk of the Air series, book 2]

How did the sequel to a 2Β½ stars book turn out to be a whooping 4 stars?

I think that The Wicked King picked me up like a rag doll and smashed me on the floor. Violently, viciously, with its plot. For once, I loved being hit.

This was a sequel to The Cruel Prince so I can’t put the full synopsis here as it’ll be a spoiler, but it picks up immediately after The Cruel Prince where Jude, our protagonist: a mortal in the fae world, gains power and learns of dangerous secrets. And of course, risks her life.

The Cruel Prince (Holly Black) [The Folk of the Air series, book 1]

I was fae-scinated by this book. It has been a long time since I dove into a fantasy series. This year has been a lot of historical fiction, which is mostly really heavy with a lot of heartbreaking dramatic irony.

Thus, it was refreshing starting the Folk of the Air series. It follows Jude, a mere mortal whose parents were murdered, and then from then on when to live in the world of Faerie, which isn’t the ideal world…

I have heard loads about this book and I have mixed feelings about it…

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